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As you open your artistic gallery from the captivating Doors to the luxurious décor from the huge exporter of the caffeine Melted prints with a block touch and the finest hand work, a mesmerizing touch of tradition.


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I LOVE TAKING PRINTS, EMBROIDERY, APPLIQUES – PRECIOUS THINGS THAT SEEMMS TO BE FORM ANOTHER TIME- AND USING THEMTO CREATE A CONTEMPORARY, NEW STORY. Wear color prints on the body or in the mind is so gorgeous. The beauty of Rajasthan has their own uniqueness that every people gets so much attracted towards. If we talk about designs, colors, motifs, prints, embroidery, jute and thread. Each and every material give the soul of freshness like a mix fragrance of caffeine.

When we are fascinated with prints, the first style which pop ups is none other than“ HAND BLOCK PRINTING”

Hand Block Printing is not came today, it’s an old art form which is very popular in India and many other eastern countries. It is commonly known as block printing and wood block printing. Beautiful hand block printing requires skill and plenty in order to create stability and sharp block printing patterns. The small variations in printing style gives more vibrant look and gives the meaningful  handmade  techniques of  Indian block print fabricshows the glowing charm.

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